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How to Strip and Remove Powder Coating – A Complete Guide

How to strip and remove powder coating

When it comes to powder coating proper preparation is critical.  If the surface has an existing powder coating on it, it is best to remove that powder coating prior to reprofiling the part and wiping it clean to apply a new coat of powder coating.  This guide will cover the different ways you can strip […]

Pressure Washing vs Sandblasting for Surface Preparation

pressure washing vs sandblasting a complete guide

In order to get good results painting, the surface has to be properly prepped.  Two of the most common options to prep a surface for paint include pressure washing and sandblasting.  Will cover the Pros and Cons of each method, and how you can determine if one is right for prepping your surface prior to […]

Graco Mark IV Airless Paint Sprayer Review and Overview (Includes Video)

Graco Mark IV AIrless Sprayer Review

The Graco Mark IV and Mark V Airless Sprayers offer the ability to spray paint and texture materials from a single paint sprayer. This review will cover the Graco Mark IV and how it performs, common uses for the unit, and options you have to consider so you can better decide if the Graco Mark […]

Cranes and Paint Booths – A Guide

Cranes and paint booths guide

Overhead and gantry cranes are often needed when you have heavy components you manufacture or paint.  However they also create unique considerations when trying to incorporate a paint booth and still maintain the use of your overhead crane. This guide will cover what you should know about cranes and paint booths, how they can be […]

How to choose an Airless Paint Sprayer – Complete Guide (with video)

How to choose an airless paint sprayer

Airless paint sprayers can represent one of the largest investments you as a paint contractor can make.  Additionally choosing the right paint sprayer can ensure you are able to perform a variety of painting work that you may wish to complete.  Whether you’re a home owner or a contractor or construction company, this guide will […]

Belt vs Direct Drive Pressure Washers – A  Complete Guide

Belt Drive vs Direct Drive Pressure Washers

As a contractor a pressure washer is an important tool in helping you properly prepare surfaces to be repainted.  In general, there are commercial grade and consumer grade pressure washers that are available.  One of the primary differences between commercial grade models and consumer grade models include optional belt or direct drive designs.  This guide […]

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