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Category Archives: powder coating

Powder Coating Gun Settings – A Complete Guide

Powder Coating gun settings - a complete guide

Powder Coating Gun Settings – A Complete Guide   Knowing the settings that you can change on your powder coating gun and how they work can be critical to help you get good results powder coating.  In this guide will cover powder coating gun settings so you can ensure you get consistent quality results when […]

How to Strip and Remove Powder Coating – A Complete Guide

How to strip and remove powder coating

When it comes to powder coating proper preparation is critical.  If the surface has an existing powder coating on it, it is best to remove that powder coating prior to reprofiling the part and wiping it clean to apply a new coat of powder coating.  This guide will cover the different ways you can strip […]

How to Prevent Orange Peel in Powder Coating – A Guide

How to Prevent Orange Peel in Powder Coating

Orange peel is when the surface of a coated product doesn’t have an even smooth appearance to it after the coating is applied.  Whether your powder coating or liquid coating, orange peel is usually not desirable because it creates a poor overall finish appearance when your all done coating your product.  Knowing orange peel in […]

Common Powder Coating Gun Problems and Their Solutions

Powder Coating Gun Problems and Solutions

Having your powder coating gun stop spraying powder well can be problematic and cost you time.  This guide will provide you helpful tips on how to troubleshoot your powder coating gun’s performance so you can get your powder coating gun back up and running.   Common Powder Coating Gun Problem # 1 – Uneven Powder […]

Grounding for Powder Coating – A Complete Guide (with video)

Grounding for Powder Coating

Having a thorough understanding of grounding is critical as a powder coater.  Powder coating relies on a grounded target in order for your powder to stick.  Failure to properly ground a product your trying to powder coat or to not ground your product thoroughly enough can result in a variety of issues from wasting excessive […]

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