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Paint Spray Guns

Tip 1 for choosing a Paint Gun – How thick is your material

HVLP spray guns keep waste down but do not always spray heavy material like high solid industrial coatings well.  Conventional paint guns will spray about any material but waste more paint.  LVMP is excellent for wood painting as it breaks paint up finely but will not have a lot of over spray.

Tip 2 for Choosing a Paint Spray Gun – Gravity, Suction, or Pressure

For small jobs a suction, gravity, or 2 quart pressure fed gun is great.  For greater volume needs consider a paint pressure pot and spray gun combo.  Suction fed spray guns are only available in conventional while gravity can spray conventional or HVLP depending on the spray gun selected.  Pressure feed is available in conventional and HVLP.

Tip 3 for Choosing a Paint Spray Gun – Paint Spray Gun Size

A final factor to consider is whether you want a full size paint spray gun or a touch up paint spray gun.  Touch up paint spray guns are best for small object painting and maximum control, a full size spray gun is best for painting any larger surfaces like furniture, cars, or industrial equipment.