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Wagner Powder Coating Equipment

Things to Consider when Selecting Powder Coating Equipment

If you are considering a manual powder coating gun package there are a few variables that you should consider to ensure you select a powder coating outfit that will serve your needs well.

Variable 1 – The Powder Coating Gun Type

The two primary powder coating gun technologies that are offered are the corona charge and Tribo charge powder gun.  The Corona style powder coating gun works by charging the powder as it leaves the powder coating gun.  These guns work well for the majority of applications and will not wear as rapidly as a Tribo style gun.  Their disadvantage is that they can have issues applying powder effectively in the corners of products as they have a tendency to have more issues with the far a day cage effect.  Tribo style powder coating guns charge the powder coating as it moves through the nozzle against a component inside the gun.  This process allows for better application of powder to curved products and products where issues with far a day cage may be present. However the rubbing of powder on the electrostatic component can create additional maintenance as the charge component can waer.

Variable 2 – The Feed System

The two primary feed systems for a powder coating outfit are a vibratory box or fluidized bed.  A vibratory box causes powder to fluidize by shaking back and forth which makes it ideal for quick color changes and working directly out of a box of powder.  A fluidized bed uses a membrane under a steel container to fludize the powder coating.  This typically allows for less issues with the powder coating gun plugging and can sometimes yield a better finish appearance.

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