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Bosch 63 In. Tracks and Connector Kit
Bosch 63 In. Tracks and Connector Kit

Bosch 63 In. Tracks and Connector Kit

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Product Description
The Bosch FSN1600X2B 63 In. Tracks and Connector Kit is a convenient timesaver allowing pros who want to bring the Bosch Track Saw (sold separately) and track-guidance system to the jobsite. It features two FSN1600 tracks, which are 63 In. (1600mm) long; an FSNVEL connector; and a FSNBAG track bag. The FSN1600 track is precisely straight and manufactured with exacting tolerances. It includes an anti-splinter guard and two rubberized traction strips, each custom molded to securely interlock with a slot in the track. The FSNVEL is a sturdy connecting piece to quickly connect tracks, and it’s self-aligning, helping to ensure precise work. The durable bag allows practical transport of the tracks.
Quantity Include
2 FSN1600 63 In. Tracks
1 FSNVEL Track Connector
1 FSNBAG Bag for Two FSN1600 Tracks
1 FSNKK Protective Endcaps Set (Left and Right)
2 Anti-Splinter Strips
4 Traction Strips

Technical Data

Length in 63.0"
Material Aluminum
Weight 9.3lb
Works With Saws
GKT13-225, GKT18V-20GC, GKS18V-25GC
Track Clamps
Track Connector
Track Bag
Track Miter Guide
Track Travel Stop
Track Router Adapter
Replacement Anti-Splinter Strip
Replacement Traction Strip
Replacement End Caps
Includes (2) FSN1600 63 In. Tracks, (1) FSNVEL Track Connector, (1) FSNBAG Bag for Two FSN1600 Tracks, (1) FSNKK Protective Endcaps Set (Left and Right), (2) Anti-Splinter Strips, (4) Traction Strips
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