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AFT Spray Cube Filter

AFT Spray Cube Filter

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The AFT "Spray-Cube" extended surface cubes are the latest in AFT's storied line of high efficiency spray booth filters.

Each style of cube is designed to provide high holding capacity and an economical solution for the widest range of finishing applications.

All cube filters are constructed of multiple layers of AFT's proprietary paper paint arrestor media.

Each cube features varying levels of high efficiency synthetic backings designed to provide durable, long-lasting paint arrestor performance.

Series SE, Medium Efficiency - High Holding Capacity

  • Lowest initial pressure drop (0.02" w.c.).
  • Average removal efficiency of 98.8%.
  • Widely used in high volume, medium efficiency applications.

Series HE, High Efficiency - High Holding Capacity

  • Low pressure drop compared to other high efficiency overspray cubes (0.05" w.c.).
  • Average removal efficiency of 99.1%.
  • Used in high volume applications that require higher than normal removal efficiency.

Series UE, Ultra High Efficiency - High Holding Capacity

  • Extremely high removal efficiency over 99.5%.
  • Low pressure drop for high efficiency (0.05" w.c.).
  • For high volume systems that utilize paints and coatings that are difficult to filter with standard filter products.