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Asco 8210G2 - 1/2" NPT 120V Brass Solenoid Valve

Asco 8210G2 - 1/2" NPT 120V Brass Solenoid Valve

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Asco 1/2" NPT, 120 volt, normally closed, brass-body solenoid valve for water service with a maximum temperature of 180°F and a maximum pressure of 150 psi. Asco solenoid valves are activated by a solenoid (electromagnetic) coil, which when energized or de-energized moves the core (or piston) to apply pressure against its diaphragm and seat. There are two operations of these valves, either normally open or normally closed. Normally open valves allow flow throughout the valve until the coil is energized to close the valve. Normally closed is sealed until the coil is energized to open the valve. Maximum operating pressure refers to the maximum difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet.

Manufacturer Asco
Model 8210G2
Valve Application Water
Body Material Brass
Piping Configuration Straight
Connection Size 1/2"
Connection Type NPT
Max Pressure 150 psi WOG
Weight 2.0000


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