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Binks 7042-6931-4 SV100 Gravity Fed Spray Gun

Binks 7042-6931-4 SV100 Gravity Fed Spray Gun

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The following instructions provide the necessary information for the proper maintenance of the Binks SV100 gravity feed spray gun. Please read and understand all the information in this document in order to get the maximum performance from your new SV100 gravity spray gun. The SV100 spray gun is the result of quality engineering and development activity. The result is an ergonomic product with reduced triggering effort and fine atomization. The HVLP air cap has been specifically designed to comply with local regulatory air quality restrictions. The specification table details the operating parameters of the gun to achieve those compliant conditions. In addition, the relatively low air flow rate of the SV100 spray gun will help in containing overspray. The SV100 spray gun should be operated under the safety directions outlined in this literature. Your safety and the safety of others depend on your thorough understanding of the material contained on the Part Sheet. If you have any questions or do not understand the content in this literature, call your nearest service representative.

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