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DeVilbiss Air Filter Unit (2-Stage) (1587687292963)

DeVilbiss Air Filter Unit (2-Stage)

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Put away your auto paint worries with the DeVilbiss Clean Air 2 Stage Filtration System. For a perfect spray paint job, you need the best air dryer and filter in your toolkit. The DeVilbiss2 Stage Filtration System works with a two stage drying and filtering system.

The first stage centrifugal filter removes oil, water, and dirt down to 5 microns while the second stage coalescer filter refines the process, removing oil, water, and dirt down to .01 microns. What’s more, this filtration system features automatic bowl drains in both the first and second stages to periodically drain water and other contaminants. This saves your time and effort and keeps the system maintenance-free.

The two-stage air filtration system features a rapid release bowl guard that dispenses the water collected in the bowl very quickly while the spin-off element allows for fast, one-minute filter changes. This unit also comes with a 25CFM (cubic feet per minute) air capacity that allows air to flow through at the right velocity for a perfect paint job.

The HAR-600 Air Regulator included in the system goes from 0-125 psi pressure range, has 60CFM capacity and also a quick shut off valve that helps in effective control and regulation of air within the system. With the DeVilbiss Clean Air 2 Stage Filtration System, you can expect a flawless finish on your auto paint jobs every single time.

Key Features of the DeVilbiss Clean Air 2 Stage Filtration System:

  • Two stage drying and filtering system
  • Quick release bowl guard and spin off filter element
  • 25 CFM air capacity
  • Automatic bowl drains
  • HAR-600 Air Regulator has a quick shut-off valve

Package Includes:

  • One 2 stage filtration system
  • One HAR-600 air regulator

Technical Specifications

  • Air Capacity: 25 CFM


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