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ADV-S430-18 Siphon Fed Spray Gun with Cup & 1.8mm Nozzle

ADV-S430-18 Siphon Fed Spray Gun with Cup & 1.8mm Nozzle

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The Advance -5430-18 is a complete siphon fed spray gun set up.  It comes with a 1.8 mm Fluid Nozzle and a 1 quart suction cup.  The Advance Conventional Gun is designed for a variety of finishes.  It is extraordinarily comfortable for operators due to great ergonomics and light weight (14.6 oz) The conventional air cap atomizes many finishes well. The gun offers complete replacement of all parts allowing for a lifetime of use.

Additional Features

  •  Adjustable needle packing
  • Precision control of fan pattern and fluid volume
  • Available in trans tech, conventional, and hvlp if you want to change from siphon fed and conventional you can!

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