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Dino-Hide 3/8 x 50' Single Arm Reel: Construction & Automotive

Dino-Hide 3/8 x 50' Single Arm Reel: Construction & Automotive

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The Dino-Hide 3/8" x 50' Rubber Air Hose Heavy Duty Single Arm Reel is a versatile and dependable tool designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries, including automotive, construction, and industrial applications. This high-quality hose reel is engineered for excellence, boasting features that ensure exceptional performance and durability, all backed by a 4-year limited warranty. Constructed with corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel, the Dino-Hide air hose reel is built to withstand the test of time. Its single adjustable guide arm and L-shaped base with groove reinforcement provide a stable and secure support system, ensuring that your hose remains in optimal condition even in challenging work environments. The hose reel features a wrapped air hose known for its exceptional abrasion resistance. It utilizes a fully enclosed multi-position 12-point ratchet spring system, allowing you to lock the hose at various lengths, making it a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of tasks. From inflating tires to operating impact wrenches and other pneumatic tools, this hose reel delivers consistent and reliable performance. To enhance convenience and reliability, the hose reel is equipped with brass swivel joints at the hose inlet connection, effectively preventing leaks. Additionally, the reel stopper and four non-snag rollers work together to minimize hose abrasion, ensuring longevity and reducing wear and tear over time. Whether you need to mount the hose reel on the floor, wall, or ceiling, this versatile design accommodates your preferences, making it an invaluable addition to automotive repair shops, industrial settings, and DIY projects. The Dino-Hide air hose reel includes a polyester-braided wrapped finish air hose that is exceptionally abrasion and ozone resistant. Its oil-resistant core tube and cover ensure that it can withstand exposure to grease, oil, and diesel, further enhancing its durability and longevity. Plus, this hose offers exceptional cold weather flexibility, remaining functional even in frigid temperatures as low as -40°F and performing reliably in high-temperature environments up to +190°F. Additional highlights of this hose reel include 1/4" solid brass fittings that never corrode, high-strength polyester woven braided reinforcement for increased pressure tolerance, and a maximum working pressure of 301 PSI, guaranteeing a consistent and powerful supply of compressed air to your tools and equipment. For improved control and usability, the hose features a 5-finger grip bend restrictor, reducing kinking and ensuring ease of use. This innovative design helps extend the life of the hose and ensures that it remains a practical and long-lasting addition to your pneumatic toolkit. Included with the hose reel are 2 x 3/8" NPT with 1/4" reducers, providing compatibility with a range of pneumatic systems and equipment, further enhancing its versatility and value. In conclusion, the Dino-Hide 3/8" x 50' Rubber Air Hose Heavy Duty Single Arm Reel is a reliable and durable solution that caters to the needs of professionals in various industries. With features like corrosion-resistant construction, abrasion-resistant hose, brass fittings, high-pressure capability, and innovative bend restrictors, this hose reel is designed to exceed your expectations. When you need a dependable and versatile hose reel for your automotive repair shop, construction site, or industrial workspace, trust Dino-Hide to deliver exceptional performance and longevity.

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