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Dremel 26150408HA

Dremel 26150408HA

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Dremel's line of Max Life high-performance accessories provides long-lasting performance and impressive durability. Built to give DIYers longer lasting, stronger performing, versatile accessories. The Max Life 408HP Carbide Sanding Drum / Hole Saw Bit is engineered to last 30X longer than the Dremel 408 Sanding Band. Carbide coating provides added durability to the surface of the drum and will not tear loose like other ordinary sanding bands. The Max Life Carbide Hole Saw Bit functions as both a sanding drum and a hole saw capable of plunge cutting into a variety of materials. Ideal for a variety of materials including ceramic wall tile, hard & soft woods, composites, fiberglass, Masonite ® boards, rigid foam, gourds and more. The 1/2 In. (12.7mm) 408HP features a coarse 60 grit carbide abrasive that provides a sanded finish as it cuts. Mounted on an extra strong, 1/8" diameter steel mandrel the Sanding Bit allows users to move laterally or orbitally to smooth out surfaces, enlarge holes, or create irregular cavities. Maximum operating speed is 35,000/min.

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