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Dremel BP40-FLX-01 Dremel3D Flex Build PlateAss

Dremel BP40-FLX-01 Dremel3D Flex Build PlateAss

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Upgrade any Dremel Digilab Idea Build 3D40 3D printer regular glass build plate to the new flexible build plate! The flexible build plate makes it quick and easy to remove your 3D printed parts after they are done printing. The build plate has handles to make it safer and easier to flex the plate and remove your part. This kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your 3D40. It includes the magnetic build plate holder to install in your 3D40 (once installed it never needs to be removed), the flexible build plate itself, a pre-installed build sheet and a small packet of grease that can be applied to the vertical Z-rod at the back of your printer.

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