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Dremel Dremel 448 Stainless Steel Brush Set

Dremel Dremel 448 Stainless Steel Brush Set

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Simplified to support your project, the 448 Stainless Steel Brush set features our most used stainless steel brushes in two different shapes and sizes for your cleaning and polishing project. The 448 includes both the 530, 3/4 In. (19.1mm) and 531, 1/2 In. (12.7mm) Stainless Steel Brushes. Perfect for getting into hard-to-reach places, the brushes are ideal for removing rust and corrosion, polishing metal surfaces, deburring, surface finishing, or cleaning electrical components. The stainless steel brushes do not cause after-rust when used on corrosive-resistant materials like pewter, aluminum and stainless steel.

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