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Dremel EZ506CU 1 1/2" Premium EZ Lock Wheel

Dremel EZ506CU 1 1/2" Premium EZ Lock Wheel

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The Dremel Premium Metal Cutting Wheel features a super abrasive grit called cubic boron nitride (CBN). The CBN coating provides maximum durability allowing the wheel to remain sharp longer, stay cool, and won’t shrink. The EZ506CU lasts 20x longer than our Fiberglass Reinforced cutting wheels. The high-performance cutting wheel is ideal for cutting a variety of materials including stainless steel, nails, rebar, metal studs, threaded rod, copper, conduit, metal HVAC ducts, metal door jambs, and galvanized strut. The cutting wheel has a 1-1/2 In. (38.1mm) diameter and 0.04 In. (1.0 mm) thick blade. The cutting wheel is designed with the patented EZ Lock™ system making accessory changes quick and easy. For use with the EZ402 mandrel.

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