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Dremel PC370-2 Detail Brushes (2 pcs.)

Dremel PC370-2 Detail Brushes (2 pcs.)

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Dremel Versa Power Scrubber makes cleaning quick, easy and efficient. Powered with 4V AMPs, the multi-purpose cleaning tool is a solution for manual cleaning jobs. Whether you are cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, or taking on outdoor cleaning applications, Dremel’s extensive offering of cleaning pads and brushes solve most cleaning needs. The PC370-2 includes one flat brush head and one cone shaped brush head that secures onto a 4in extender, also included int the kit. Like the PC364-01, the Extender has a threaded shank that secures onto the Versa power scrubber. Given the compact size of the brush heads, the PC370-2 can clean grout and crevices on tiled walls & floors and nooks and crannies on plastic & metal surfaces. These brushes can be used for dry and wet cleaning applications.

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