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E12H Recycler 10″ Cube Filters

E12H Recycler 10″ Cube Filters

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The Series E12 extended surface pocket filter is AFT's high-efficiency overspray collection products. Constructed of a 2" synthetic overspray media, this product provides maximum service life while maintaining optimal removal efficiency (over 99%) and air flow.

Made from recycled polyester fibers, the E12 is sewn and heat-sealed to a heavy gauge metal support frame.

This sturdy combination results in a filter with low initial resistance and high holding capacity.

  • Excellent holding capacity and removal efficiency (99%+).
  • Low initial static pressure (0.06"-0.12" w.c.)
  • Keeps filter plenum and fans clean.
  • Made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials.
  • Low unit cost.


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