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General Machines 20″ Variable Speed Drill Press 75-510 M1

General Machines 20″ Variable Speed Drill Press 75-510 M1

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Generals’ 20” Variable Speed Drill Pressis our largest drill press.It’s massive and heavy duty, weighing in at 284 pounds. This drill press is a work horse and the weight adds to the stability of the machine. It’s loaded with features: 1 ¼” drilling capacity, digital read-out (DRO) , it has a global patented “X” cross-hairs for drilling accuracy, 4 3/4” spindle travel for maximum depth cutting, depth stop, Adjustable spindle return spring for repetitive drilling to the same depth. The table features T-slots which allows it to be outfitted with a vise or clamps and a lubricant trough for drilling in metal.

  • Simple hand lever controlled mechanical variable speed from 280 to 2100 RPM
  • Front-mounted digital spindle speed display
  • Global patented laser Pointer with “X” crosshairs for drilling accuracy
  • Adjustable spindle tension return spring.
  • Easy to use see-through flip-chuck guard
  • High-quality bearings for smooth vibration- free operation
  • 1 HP motor
  • Equipped with easy to adjust dual depth stop for complete control of both down stroke depth and upstroke travel
  • Industrial 3/4″ chuck with key & convenient onboard chuck key holder
  • Crank-operated rack and pinion table height adjustment
  • Sturdy design with cast-iron head, table (18 ¾” x 16 ¾”) and large base (23 5/8” x 15 ¾”) for stability
  • ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) Certified

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