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Global Finishing Solutions High Production Dust Collector (1587466895395)

Global Finishing Solutions High Production Dust Collector

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GFS High Production Dust Collectors have been used for a wide variety of applications — including blasting, welding, mixing and conveyor transfer stations. These collectors are particularly suited for filtering very fine particles in large air volumes. Standard models range from a four- to 80-cartridge capacity, handling small to high volume air capacities.

Downdraft Airflow

  • Dust-laden air is pulled from air inlet on the top of the unit, through horizontal filter cartridges and into the collection hopper below.

On-Demand Filter Cleaning

  • A photohelic gauge on the dust collector monitors pressure change in the cartridge filters. When the filters’ differential pressure reaches the upper set point, reverse pulsejet cleaning begins by pulsing compressed air through the filters.

Easy Maintenance

  • Filter cartridges are easily accessed for service or replacement through portholes on the front of the collector module.

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