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Ingersoll Rand Next Generation 184 CFM @ 125 PSI - Air Cooled Aftercooler (40 HP)

Ingersoll Rand Next Generation 184 CFM @ 125 PSI - Air Cooled Aftercooler (40 HP)

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The Next Generation R-Series was designed with the intent of maximizing your company's profits. Bringing you class leading air flow as well as world class efficiency, the Next Gen RSeries will bring you the most value for your dollar. Designed to maximize your up-time and minimize your out of pocket expenses by bringing you a service friendly package layout as well as state-of-the-art reliability features. The RS30-37i comes standard with an Intelligent Microprocessor Controller allowing you to talk to your system like never before and know exactly what is going on in your system.

Product Description

  • Smart, Energy Efficient Controls

    Industry-leading performance delivers more air for less horsepower, saving thousands of dollars per year on energy.

  • Installation Close to Point-of-Use

    Whisper quiet operation allows for installation closer to point-of-use, reducing costs and ensuring a better & safer work environment.

  • Closely Maintained Pressure

    Reducing discharge pressure and avoiding excessive pressure bands increases downstream tool and equipment life.

  • 70% Fewer Connections

    Smart integration eliminates leaks and pressure drops maximizing reliability.

  • Compact Footprint Design

    Small footprint frees up valuable floor space and reduces install costs.

  • Optional Total Air System Package

    Complete integrated air treatment package.



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