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MSA- Gas Miser® Demand Regulator (1587285426211)

MSA- Gas Miser® Demand Regulator

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Constructed of nickel-plated brass and polished aluminum (especially important for reactive gases). Regulator can supply gas flow from 0.1 lpm to 3.0 lpm. Designed for use with any MSA Model RP Calibration cylinder except chlorine and ammonia and features automatic ON/OFF valve that releases gas only on demand, using only amount of gas needed to calibrate your MSA instrument. When calibration is complete, regulator shuts off automatically. Regulator can stay connected to cylinder where it remains in ready state, making it ideal for fixed installations such as work benches and calibration stations. Eliminates need to change regulators to accommodate different instruments or flow rates. Supplied with calibration tubing and special fitting.

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