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Paint Booth Filter CC50 CUBE 20" 2 Pocket

Paint Booth Filter CC50 CUBE 20" 2 Pocket

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The CC 50 Paint Booth filter is an ideal solution to implement as a part of a two stage, three stage, or individual booth filter system.  Customers typically implement them when they want to improve efficiency of their over spray collection.  The CC 50 is the most common used cube for the majority of customers who need a cube for general over spray collection. It can be combined with a variety of initial paint booth filters to maximum filter efficiency or used as a single stage paint arrestor  though this is less common.

Common first stage filters used with the CC 50 Paint Booth Filter in order from top filtration to lower filtration

E28 Paint Booth Filter

FMP 18 Paint Booth Filter

22 Gram Paint Booth Filter

15 Gram Paint Booth Filter