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Polyvance 2044-3 UV Fast Patch
Polyvance 2044-3 UV Fast Patch
Polyvance 2044-3 UV Fast Patch
Polyvance 2044-3 UV Fast Patch

Polyvance 2044-3 UV Fast Patch

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When you have cracks, splits, or other minor damage on plastic or metal surfaces and you need a quick repair, use Polyvance's UV fast patch. This self-adhesive patch cures quickly when exposed to UV light, forming a rock-hard, tough, fiber reinforced patch that will create a long-lasting, temporary, or even permanent, repair. UV fast patch will stick to virtually any rigid substrate, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, or fiberglass. When you have a small accident around the factory, for example, UV fast patch can save the day. The UV fast patch tightly conforms to the contours of this sheet metal siding to create a durable, long-lasting repair that will prevent rainwater ingress until a permanent repair can be made. Once the patch is cured, it can be painted to match.


More Information
Part No. 2044-3
Product Line URE
Standard/Approvals California Pro65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Application For plastic or metal surfaces
Manufacturer Polyvance
UPC 694687006525
Brand Polyvance
Part Status A
Applicable Materials Ceramic, Metal, or Fiberglass, Plastic, Wood
Composition 20 to 25% Fiberglass, 45 to 50% Mineral Filler, 18 to 23% Polyester Resin, 0.6% Styrene Monomer
Flash Point 840 deg F


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