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Thermal Dynamics 365-7-8888 Multi-Purpose Cart, Cutmaster Plasma Systems

Thermal Dynamics 365-7-8888 Multi-Purpose Cart, Cutmaster Plasma Systems

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This multi-purpose cart is great for home use or light industrial applications. Most portable manual cutting systems will fit fine on this cart (including the Cutmaster and similarly sized systems). Quality steel construction and a sturdy handle ensure many years of trouble-free service. We also like the cable hooks on the handle and the storage shelf underneath for storing accessories.

Tired of straining your back to lift your plasma equipment just to move it around the workshop? Forget lugging around your plasma cutter from area to area or job site to job site, this cart will save your back anytime you need to transport your plasma machine. The sturdy steel design is made to carry even the heaviest plasma system with ease. You don’t even have to take the plasma cutter off, just weld from the cart and you’ll never have to strain yourself again to lift a heavy machine like that. The cart is not just for plasma cutters, there are many uses for this reliable product, and almost anything can be transported. As long as it fits on the cart, you can transport just about anything with ease. Welders Supply has the solution for your tool transportation needs at low prices you won’t find anywhere else!


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