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Wagner Box Feed Powder Coating Unit

Wagner Manual System Sprint Air Fluid (Box Feed)

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The Wagner Spring Airfluid System utilizes a Corona Style Gun with a vibratory box feed system making it ideal for frequent color changes and ease of use with boxes of powder coating.

The Sprint Airfluid System allows you to use boxes directly with the unit.  The unit shakes the box of powder causing the powder to fluidize.  It is a perfect solution if you change powder coating colors regularly.

  • Uses a Corona Style gun which is ideal for longevity of use
  • Electronic Controls that allow for accurate control of powder and atomization delivery
  • Able to save up to 50 Coating programs for different color or powder coating
  • Prevents waste of powder in carton


  • Corona manual gun PEM-X1
  • Control device EPG-Sprint XE
  • Injector PI-F1
  • Suction lance with fluid cap
  • Device cart with vibrating table
  • Powder hose 5m (Ø 11mm)
  • Mains cable 3m
  • Grounding cable 10m
  • Connection hose

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