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Bosch Worm Drive Lubricant

Bosch Worm Drive Lubricant

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Bosch’s BL8LB Worm Drive Lubricant is a custom-formulated oil that lubricates drive mechanisms to help ensure long tool life and efficiency. It is compatible with all Bosch worm drive circular saws. It helps to displace moisture, keeping the gears and motor cooler. The single-application container is convenient to store in a tool box or bag on the go. It is formulated specifically for use in worm drive circular saws.
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1 BL8LB Worm Drive Lubricant

Technical Data

Material Custom Lubricant
Works With Worm-Drive Circular Saws
CSW41, 1677, 1677M, 1677MD, 1678
Includes (1) BL8LB Worm Drive Lubricant
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