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Floetrol – What it is, What it Does, How to Use It, and FAQ’s

What Floetrol is

Floetrol is a paint conditioner that can be used with water based paints like flat or semi-gloss latex, enamel paints, Acrylic, or Vinyls. Floetrol helps these water based paints perform more like oil based paints which ultimately makes using the paints easier as latex paints can tend to be heavier making them less forgiving when being sprayed as well as having a greater likelihood of leaving a brush or roller mark behind when being applied by a brush or roller. Floetrol will reduce brush marks in your paint finish and make spraying your paint easier.

What are the Benefits of Floetrol

Floetrol can help make water based paints easier to work with when environmental conditions are not forgiving. Environmental conditions that typically can create problems for water based paints like temperatures that are too hot or humidity is to low causing paints to dry to fast. Floetrol can sometimes help reduce water based coatings performance problems when high temperature is causing your waterborne paint to dry to fast or your concerned about your paint drying to fast as floetrol will extend the dry time of the paint.

What are the Potential Drawbacks to Floetrol

Since Floetrol causes paint to flow with greater ease you have to be a bit more precise when applying as it can create runs. This is not always a problem but just requires a bit of pre-planning before using Floetrol. You also want to try floetrol with your individual paints to ensure there are no undesired results with your paint like gritty finishes or color changes to your coating. Additionally, if you add to much floetrol to your paint you could reduce the coverage of the paint which means you will have to apply more to cover the product you are painting.

How to use Floetrol

Floetrol is mixed into your water based paint thoroughly and then you apply the water based paint either by brush, HVLP spray gun, or airless paint sprayer depending on your application. For HVLP spray guns you will typically add 16-32 ounces of Floetrol per gallon, always starting with the smallest amount and gradually increase the amount of floetrol will ensure you do not make your paint overly thin. For airless paint sprayers you can  mix up to one quart of floetrol which is 32 ounces per gallon of paint. For a brush and roll application you can mix up to 8 ounces of floetrol per gallon. Start with 8 ounces in all applications and gradually increase the amount as needed. Monitor your paint and if it seems to be flowing well you can stop adding additional floetrol.

Additional Instructions/precautions for using Floetrol

If your using floetrol there are limitations to when you should consider Floetrol. If your paint is a high gloss paint you will want to consider mixing the Floetrol with water as floetrol can reduce the gloss of your coating if too much is mixed directly with the coating. Never use floetrol with oil based paints rather use a paint conditioner specifically formulated for water based paints.

Floetrol FAQ’s

Where can I get Floetrol

Floetrol is available at paint stores including Home Depot and Lowes

Why not Just use water instead of floetrol

Floetrol provides additional benefits over just water. Water will only reduce or thin the paint you are using.  Floetrol is a conditioner which means it enhances the qualities of the water based paint your using while also helping it to be thinner for easier application. By not just thinning the paint you will achieve better performance out of your paint when it is applied.

Will Floetrol make latex paint easier to spray

Floetrol can help make spraying latex paint easier. If your having trouble spraying latex Floetrol will make the paint thinner which helps with achieving better looking finishes when spraying as well as reducing issues with airless tip clogs.

Will Floetrol promote adhesion of my paint?

No floetrol can reduce issues with your paint drying to fast or not applying smoothly but it will nto address issues with adhesion.

Will Floetrol change my paint color?

In general floetrol shouldn’t alter your paints color but to be extra certain you can always use a small amount in a sample batch of paint to ensure that the paint doesn’t become discolored after applications.

Can I use to much Floetrol?

Yes using to much floetrol can result in runs or your paint not hiding the underlying wall or material well. That is why it is always best to use the smallest amount possible and gradually increase the amount of floetrol you use.

Overall floetrol can be helpful if your working in extreme weather conditions with certain water borne paints. Floetrol can help reduce brush marks in your finish and make spraying your coating easier but proper directions should be followed when adding floetrol to a paint.

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