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10 Great Manufacturing Blogs to follow in 2016

Why You Should Follow Manufacturing Blogs

Staying up to date with all the latest news in manufacturing is critical to know what trends are happening, how to continue to stay ahead of your career, and how to help your employer to be the best in manufacturing they can be. By learning from others you can bring valuable ideas that can have a tremendous impact on your workplace. With that in mind here are a list of 2016 blogs that cover a variety of topics that are critical to manufacturing from policy, to marketing, to process improvement, to cutting edge technology. Whether you’re a production supervisor, marketer in the manufacturing area, or engineer following these resources is sure to help you stay at the top of the manufacturing world’s trends. 

Ten Great Manufacturing Blogs to Follow in 2016

Industry Week – Industry week is a great resources for manufacturers.  Industry week covers topics related to manufacturing including operations, lean manufacturing, manufacturing and technology, economics and political news related to manufacturing, process improvement, manufacturing finance, and more.  @IndustryWeek

Manufacturing Innovation Blog – The manufacturing innovation blog covers topics related to data and manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, and other topics as well. There objective is to work with small and mid size manufacturers to retain jobs, increase profits, and save time which makes them a great resource for those in manufacturing. @NIST_MEP – covers tradeshows, news, and related to manufacturing in a variety of industries. @MnetNews

Toyota Equipment – A great view from the factory floor the Toyota equipment blog with a particular focus on forklifts . @ToyotaEquipment – A site dedicated to engineering news from 3D Printing to the Internet of Things, to much more. captures its purpose in its sites tagline “ brings the most influential voices in engineering to a worldwide audience of engineers. “ @engineeringcom

Shopfloor –   Run by the National Association of Manufacturers the Shop floor Blog covers a variety of manufacturing related topics from policy, to economics, to innovation. @ShopFloorNAM

Thomas Net Blog – Thomas Net has been in the business of connecting manufacturers and suppliers for a long time. Their blog focuses on the current trends in marketing for manufacturers and suppliers. Common topics include Pay Per Click Advertising, SEO, and Content Marketing alongside other general interest articles on manufacturing and related topics. @THOMASNET

Industrial Marketing Today – Industrial Marketing Today is another great resource for marketing information for industrial companies. Covering topics related to SEO, PPC, and Lead Generation Industrial Marketing Today is a great resource.

Fabaloo – Focused primarily on 3D printing Fabaloo is one of the most complete 3D printing resources out there. @fabbaloo

CMTC Manufacturing Blog – The CMTC Manufacturing Blog covers a variety of tips on reducing waste, sales, IT, and operational efficiency. CMTC covers a variety of helpful topics. @CMTCSolutions

Overall all of these manufacturing blogs will help you to know the latest trends and news in the manufacturing space. How about you? Do you have any favorite manufacturing blogs that you recommend?

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