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2 Quart Pressure Cup vs 2 Gallon Pressure Pots

If your thinking about spraying using a pressure fed spray gun one key consideration is how you will feed the spray gun. The two common options include 2 quart or 2 Gallon pressure pots (though larger pressure pots exist as well). Both set ups have benefits and drawbacks which by considering can help ensure you to select an outfit that will meet your painting needs well. This article will cover the benefits and drawbacks of each but if you need additional information about gravity vs suction vs pressure feed spray guns you can read about that here.

If you purchase a quality pressure pot like a Binks ASME Pressure Pot it is usually rated for up to 80 PSI of working pressure. This will allow for supplying heavier bodied materials more effectively compared to a 2 quart pressure cup.

Better for larger paint projects

The 2 gallon pressure pot will allow you to spray a lot more product before having to replace material. If your doing any sort of higher volume painting work this can help you save time.

Can Support large or small Volumes well

A 2 gallon pressure pot can be used with a quart of paint by placing the can in the pressure pot which will help you keep from wasting paint in cleaning up the pressure pot. The 2 Gallon Pressure Pot can also support up to 2.8 Gallons of paint or coating without any problem.

Easier Control of Fluid and Air Pressure

The 2 Gallon Pressure Pot will have a separate regulator for fluid and air pressure. This will allow you to control both pressures directly at the pressure pot. You can always add a regulator at the base of your spray gun but it will often add weight making it less comfortable to hold.

2 Gallon Pressure Pot Drawbacks

The main disadvantage to a 2 Gallon Pressure Pot is that it limits your portability when spraying as it cannot be carried by the painter. However, some painters do not like to hold the 2 quart pressure pot when spraying either as they say it is too heavy.

The other disadvantage can be that you will typically have more fluid line to clean out when done painting which can require additional solvent.

2 Quart Pressure Cup Benefits


The greatest benefit to a 2-quart pressure cup is that it is easy when you have to move around a lot. You will not have to fight with long air or fluid lines as a pressure cup will typically only use 6 feet of line.

Easier Clean Up

In general due to having a shorter fluid line the 2 quart pressure cup will use less solvent when cleaning up after painting and take less time to do so.

2 Quart Pressure Cup Drawbacks

Limited Pressure Ratings

A 2 quart pressure cup will only allow up to 50 PSI of pressure. This can lead to problems if you are trying to feed your spray gun with heavy bodied coatings.

Less Versatile

Due to the lower volume of paint they can hold and lower pressure they support these a pressure cup will not provide as diverse of options for applying coatings in volume or due to higher viscosities.

In the end weighing these factors can help you determine between a 2 quart pressure cup or a 2 gallon pressure pot.


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