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A Complete List of the Best Books on Powder Coating

While a lot of understanding powder coating will happen as on the job training, having good reference materials can also provide valuable resource material on a variety of aspects of powder coating. From scaling your powder coating to a larger operation to having a better understanding of finish defects to tips on how to get better results powder coating, there are a variety of helpful books on powder coating. So below is a list of the best books on powder coating for any stage of your powder coating business broken down into technical information on powder coating, running a business, marketing, and more.

Technical Books on Powder Coating Processes and Practices

A Guide to High Performance Powder Coating by Bob Utech

This is a deep dive into all things technical about powder coating from pretreatment stage options, to different equipment options available for powder coating, to powder coating types and more. If your looking to brush up on the basics of treatment, powder selection, and application or looking for a full on a technical resource that can be used for a powder line in a production plant look no further than this guide available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Users Guide to Powder Coating – Fourth Edition

This resource covers similar topics to the Guide to High Performance Powder coating though doesn’t have quite as much content as the Guide to High performance Powder Coating. It still covers a variety of powder coating principals from equipment to powder selection to powder coating defects. The book also offers information on growing sales and the competitive market place of job shops for powder coating work giving it a few unique points to consider. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google

Business Books About Powder Coating & Business in General

While it is one thing to have a thorough understanding of all the technical challenges and challenges you will encounter applying powder, it is an another and even more important thing to have a firm grasp on the business of powder coating. Bidding jobs, collecting payment, marketing, these are all critical skills you will need to excel at in order to succeed at powder coating. Below are a few great resources to help you grow your powder coating business from starting out to larger scale.

Start a High Profit Powder Coating Business for Under $1000

Starting out with powder coating requires equipment and customers. The beginning can be challenging and this guide covers creative ways to keep initial investment costs down while also seeking to maximize initial business. For the startup this is a great getting started guide. Available on Amazon

Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddes

While this may seem like an odd inclusion in a list of books on powder coating we are including it because while there are many ways to advertise your service, most powder coaters should atleast try using Google Adwords for bringing potential customers to their business. Advanced Google Adwords is the go to guide on Google Adwords and setting up ads that will help you grow your business. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Small Business for Dummies

Consider this book a soup to nuts book on small business. Covering everything from financing a new business to marketing your new venture, to accounting, and more. The for Dummies series covers a variety of practical information about business ownership in an easy to use format. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Ultimately success at powder coating requires a lot of skills from understanding the actual powder coating process to successfully managing a business and all the unique challenges that come with it. While experience is often one of the greatest teachers in powder coating, this list of books on powder coating can serve as an invaluable guide along the way helping to reduce bad decisions and improve the success of your powder coating business.

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