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Abrasive Selection Guide

Remember when choosing a blast media and in doubt start with as softer blast media than you need as you can always change to a more aggressive blast media. Below are the most common blast medias and their benefits as well as uses. Please see the chart below as well for an overview of common blast medias.

Blast Media Particle Size

When it comes to the mesh size of your blast media, smaller grit sizes (larger particle sizes) will leave greater profiles on the surface of a product but will be slower. Larger grit sizes (100, 120) have smaller particles and will allow for more impact on the product surface making them more efficient at removing paint or anything adhering to the surface. To yield maximum production always try to select the smallest particle (largest grit) that you can use and still be able to get the profile you need.

Aluminum oxide

Aluminum oxide is one of the fastest and most aggressive cutting blast medias. It is expensive and because of the cost is often used in a blast media recovery room

Glass Beads

Glass bead is a great media as it tends to leave the surface shinier in comparison to other blast medias. It can be useful for removing surface contaminants and is reusable making it a great choice for blast cabinets.

Crushed Glass

Crushed glass is angular and well suited for removing coatings, it is the go to blast media for working on concrete.


Garnet is a popular blast media for wet blasting and is also a recyclable blast media option that can remove paint rapidly.

Coal Slag Blast Medias

Coal slag media is a great option for stripping and profiling product surfaces, especially in the field. It is not as fast as other medias like aluminum oxide but is a great option for profiling a surface and for removing paint.

Plastic Blast Media

Plastic blast media is ideal for removal of coatings where you do not want to alter the substrate of the blast surface, this is useful for automotive and aerospace coating removal and often used in blast rooms.

Walnut & Corncob Shell

Walnut and Corncob shell are highly useful when you want to remove the coating from a surface but not alter the underlying surface, they can also be useful for field work.

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