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The Best Value Spray Guns

We often times are asked for suggestions on spray guns that are priced well yet also provide strong performance relative to their price. After all a $400 plus dollar spray gun is not always what you need. If your interested in a gun that will perform well but is in the $170 - $300 range this guide will provide our personal recommendations for spray guns that won't break the budget but will offer the ability to be rebuilt and will spray a variety of materials.  Here are our choices for the best value spray guns.

Best Value HVLP Spray Guns

If you want good transfer efficiency but also do not want to spend a lot consider the following options. 

Devilbiss FLG 4 HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Value Kit

This kit offers a 1.3, a 1.5, and 1.8 mm tip in the package.  This will allow you to spray materials ranging from wood finishes to automotive primers and top coats.  The atomization of the FLG is similar to higher end spray guns as well as you will see in the video review below. At $265 the FLG 4 is a great option for a value spray gun that is HVLP.

Binks SV 100 HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

The Binks SV 100 Gravity Feed Spray Gun comes with a 1.4 and 2.0 mm tip. This makes this gun useful off the shelf for thicker industrial coatings you may want to spray as well as light to medium viscosity coatings. The lower price of $226.75 makes it a well priced solution. The only downside to the SV 100 is that there are not small tip sizes available making it slighlty more limited when it comes to spraying lighter coatings.

SV 100 gravity feed spray gun



Devilbiss HVLP FLG Pressure Feed Spray Gun

In general the FLG line is a great option for value spray guns and the same is true when it comes to needing a pressure feed spray gun that performs well.  The FLG pressure feed spray gun atomizes much like the FLG 4 gravity feed but is for pressure feed uses making it a great option at $211 for affordable HVLP spray technology.

Best Value Conventional Spray Guns

Binks 2100 Spray Gun

Whether your looking for a suction spray gun or pressure feed we recommend the Binks 2100 spray gun for the best value conventional spray gun. It is offered with a range of tip sizes to spray any material as light as a wood finish up to as thick as zinc. It is only a pound and as shown below will atomize well. The pressure feed option is $273 and the suction feed option is $345.


While there are a lot of spray gun options out there for those looking for something beyond a one to three time use spray gun and wanting to get good results out of their spraying these spray guns offer great results at reasonable prices when you consider a top spray gun can cost $400 or more for a Sata, Devilbiss, or Binks top of the line spray gun.

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