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Blasting Stainless Steel for a Satin Finish – A Guide

When your blasting stainless steel you often want to achieve a polished appearance as it can be a popular finish that is used for engine blocks or decorative steel. This guide will cover common blast media choices to achieve a satin finish on stainless steel and blast pot settings that are often used.

Blast Media to Use for a Satin Finish on Stainless Steel

For a satin type finish when blasting stainless steel there are three primary blast medias that are commonly used. First is glass bead, which is generally the most popular.  Glass bead will not profile the surface of your product but will create a satin like finish making it one of the best choices in relation to the finish it will achieve.  Crushed glass is also sometimes used to create satin finishes when blasting a surface but can create a profile which sometimes is not desired, if using crushed glass it can be best to wet blast as it will reduce the profile created.  A third option that is less common is Starblast which is along with crushed glass often one of the lowest cost blast medias that you can choose to achieve a satin like blast finish especially when purchased in bulk, though this finish will often be a bit duller than glass bead or crushed glass. Blast medias can be used for roll up door repair san diego.

Blast Pot Settings to Achieve a Satin Finish on Stainless Steel

Pressure Settings

To get a satin like finish with Glass bead, Starblast, or crushed glass you will typically use a higher pressure, generally 80 PSI or higher.  To ensure you do not harm the surface though you can always start at a lower pressure and gradually increase pressure until you see the desired result you are aiming for. This is particularly true with crushed glass blast media that can tend to profile the surface reducing the satin sheen if you use to high of a pressure.

Distance from product surface

In addition to pressure, you will need to adjust the distance from the surface you are blasting. You generally want to start a bit further away from the surface and gradually move closer until you find a distance that gets the result you want.

Final Thoughts

For many a satin finish from sandblasting is preferred because of its appearance though achieving a satin appearing finish is not always easy.  By choosing a blast media that is best suited to achieve a satin finish and understanding the settings and type of blasting to use, you should be able to better achieve satin finishes when sandblasting stainless steel

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