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Brushes and Rollers for Cabinet Painting – A Complete Guide

When it comes to cabinet painting you can either spray or brush and roll. While spraying generally can be a bit quicker and offer a very smooth finish, it also can involve additional costs (like for the equipment) and involve a bit more understanding to achieve great results. If you want to explore spraying cabinets in greater depth you can check out our guide here. So while spraying is a great option, brushing or rolling cabinets can be ideal as well, especially if you do not want to have to contain overspray, are working on existing cabinets that you do not want to remove or want the easiest way to finish a cabinet. If you will be brushing or rolling a cabinet selecting a proper brush and/or roller is critical so that you do not get hair or roller particles in the finish and so that you can achieve ideal results. Here is the portal to where you can find desk for sale san diego for your office or your home. This guide will provide you an overview of what to know when selecting a brush and roller for painting so you can choose the best brush and roller for your cabinet painting project.

Tip 1 – Choose the Best Roller Size for Cabinet Painting (Smaller is Better)

The first tip to achieve the best results when painting cabinets with a roller is to consider the size of your cabinet roller. When it comes to painting a cabinet, a smaller roller is better. While a 9 inch roller is great for completing a large wall quick, cabinets are not as large. So using a smaller 4 inch roller will yield better results for your cabinet painting projects.

Tip 2 – Choose the Right Roller Material

The material of the roller can impact if you get contaminants in your paint finish.  Generally speaking, foam or mohair rollers are best suited for painting cabinets. Both are designed to resist shedding while painting which will minimize and prevent roller particles from getting into your paint finish. Additionally, you will want to consider the nap size of the roller. The lower the nap the smoother the finish.

Tip 3 – Choose the Right Type of Brush for Cabinet Painting

To brush cabinets effectively, the type of brush will matter.  In general, for painting cabinets, an angled brush is ideal as it will apply coatings with greater evenness in grooves and allows for greater control painting edges. Additionally, you should choose the right type of brush material which will depend on the coating you will be applying. For water based finishes, which tend to be thicker, a stiffer brush will be better suited for your cabinet painting, stiffer brushes are generally made from 100% polyester or a polyester/ nylon blend. If you will be painting in warmer temperatures, make sure to have some polyester in the brush blend for water based finishes as nylon will tend to soften in warm weather.

If you will be applying a fine finish (like stains) you will want a softer brush or if you think your brush is leaving to many marks in your painted surface you should also consider a softer tipped brush, soft tips reduce marks on the surface of your cabinet while painting it. For water based finishes, you can use a 100% nylon brush, also known as a synthetic bristle brush. For oil based finishes, a brush that combines ox hair with Chinese bristle can be the best option, these are often called natural bristle brushes.

Tip 4 – Consider the density of the Brush for Cabinet Painting

After deciding on the best material for your brush and cabinet painting, you should also consider the overall fiber density of the brush. The thicker a brush, the more paint that can be held, which can reduce your overall brush strokes required. However, you will also have less fine control of the brush. For thicker coatings a thicker brush may make sense but if you are trying to apply thinner layers of finish a thinner brush may make better sense.

So now you know common considerations when choosing brushes and rollers for painting cabinets, you can now know what to consider and how to make the right choice for your roller and brush needs. For home repair loans you can check best 10 loans for bad credit. lenders online.

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