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What to do if You Cannot Lower Your Pressure Pot Fluid Pressure Low Enough to Keep Coating Volume Down

Sometimes you may be using a pressure pot and need to keep the fluid pressure low. This can be due to you needing to apply a light coating or maybe because your applying a thin finish like wood coatings and your getting to much coating when your using your pressure pot. Whatever the reason you may run into issues where you cannot consistently regulate your pressure pot low enough because your pressure pot gauge starts to buzz or you can’t seem to get a small enough amount of material efficiently. Will cover how you can fix this issue.

How to Be Able to Better Control Your Pressure Pot’s Fluid Pressure and Coating Volume

The first thing to try is to consider a smaller fluid nozzle. If your pressure pot fluid pressure is consistently less than about 5 lbs of fluid pressure and your getting to much coating you should consider changing the fluid nozzle size on your spray gun to a smaller size. If the pressure still is less than 5 lbs and coating volume is to high consistently after switching your fluid nozzle you can consider switching to the next smallest size. 

If you cannot reduce the amount of coating you are applying and keep the fluid pressure above 5 lbs after you have reduced your fluid nozzle size, next you can consider trying to use a smaller fluid line. The smaller fluid line will deliver less coating to the spray gun at a given time which may give you the extra boost you need to be able to control your fluid flow from your pressure pot so that the pressure is not to low or coating volume is not to high.

If you have tried these suggestions and you still are using the pressure pot at low pressures with to much coating you can try to also adjust the fluid control adjustment on your spray gun to reduce the amount of coating delivered. If you find your routinely spaying at low pressures and wanting less coating as the majority of the coatings you spray are light you may want to consider selecting a gauge for the pressure pot that is extra sensitive as well as an extra sensitive regulator. An extra sensitive gauge will show lower amounts of pressure more accurately and the extra sensitive regulator will provide for fine control of the fluid pressure allowing for 1 pound changes in fluid pressure with relative ease. This fine control can provide reduced volumes of coating while painting and greater accuracy of your pressure pots settings.

Ultimately following these simple steps will give you ideas to help improve the control of fluid volume and pressure that you have with your pressure pot. If you need help implanting any of these suggestions we carry all the required equipment and can provide free consultation.  


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