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Cheap Quick Disconnects Cost You BIG Money

A little while ago we talked about how air hose diameter can cost you significantly. Today were going to talk about the fact that the quality of your quick disconnects can yield significant differences in the cost of operating your plant. Pressure loss varies greatly in brands from 2 or 3 pounds in high efficiency connections to upwards of 30 pounds in the cheapest brands. The cost difference initially is relatively significant about 10 – 12 dollars for a high quality connections vs 2 dollars for a low quality.  However relatively is the key term.  When pressure drops in a system the compressor has to run to make up for the loss in pressure. This can result in significant costs over the long term. For a general idea if you have a 100 hp compressor and lose approximately 2 psi the operating cost for that compressor increases approximately 750 dollars annually. This is based on numbers that state for every 2 psi change in pressure about an additional 1% of horsepower is needed at the compressor to offset the pressure loss. Each 1 horsepower of motor costs about 750 dollars annually, for further reference please visit here. Knowing these numbers you can easily see choosing the poor quality air line connection will cost you thousands of dollars over the operating lifespan of your equipment compared to a low loss connection. Next time you are around your shop ensure you’re using high quality low loss air connections and quick disconnects, it will save you significantly in the long run especially if applied with forex price action strategy.

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