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Devilbiss Dekups Review & Overview

Devilbiss Dekups are an interesting solution to three primary headaches with painting using a spray gun: color and coating changes, spray equipment clean up, and spraying upside down with a gravity or siphon feed spray gun. Will show you each of these benefits but also cover drawbacks so you can decide if Dekups are a good solution for your painting work.

What Devilbiss Dekups include

Devilbiss Dekups are sold as a kit that contains 3 key pieces. First is an adapter that allows you to connect the Dekups system to your spray gun. Spray guns that Dekups can connect to include Sata, Iwata, Devilbiss, Binks, and 3M. In addition to a connector the system requires a shell to house the disposable internal liners.  These shells are meant to be reused and are usually purchased in a pack of 2 for around $15.00. The third component of the Dekups system are liners with a lid that are thrown away when you are finished painting.  

How Devilbiss  Dekups Work

The internal lining of the Dekup begins to compress as material is used. This forces material to continue to be delivered to the spray gun whether it’s a suction or gravity feed type. By forcing material to the gun, the Dekup allows you to paint upside down and at odd angles (which is usually not possible with a basic gravity feed spray gun).

Benefits of Dekups

Easy clean up! If you have dealt with the headaches of cleaning out your gravity or siphon feed spray gun cup you know it can take a while to get the material cleaned up with Dekups you just remove the internal liner and throw it away when finished making it possible to change colors or coatings in a few seconds.  You also have the ability to paint upside down which is usually not feasible with a solution like a standard gravity feed spray gun. Dekups are also offered in a variety of sizes from 8 ounces to 24 ounces and more. This allows for easier control of paint being used as you can decide for touch up work to only use the small 8 ounce container vs the larger 24 ounce container.  

Drawbacks of Dekups

The main downside to Dekups is they are an additional expense. When you break down the price of new liners they are about $2 per piece. This is obviously an extra expense but if you need easy and fast changing of colors or want to spray upside down with a siphon or gravity feed spray gun, then Dekups can make perfect sense.

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