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Electric vs Gas Pressure washers – A Buying Guide

While a lot goes into selecting the perfect pressure washer from the pump type, to the GPM and PSI of the washer and more, the motor that drives the washer is also a critical element to consider.  Pressure washers come in both electric and gas options, the right option for you will depend on factors like your budget, your goals, and where you will work.  Will sort out which washer type will be best for you in this guide.


Electric Pressure Washers Pros and Cons

In comparison to Gas pressure washers electric pressure washers are often cheaper than a gas pressure washer, at least when they are built for the consumer market.  Electric pressure washers also require little to no routine maintenance to keep running well as they do not have oil or other regular maintenance requirements.  Additionally, electric pressure washers are safe to run indoors so they are the go to option for indoor pressure washing needs. 

Now some of the limitations of electric pressure washers include that they have less flexibility in GPM and pressure that can be offered.  The PSI and GPM limits of a electric pressure washer are related to the power requirements of electric motors.  Typically the highest volume electric pressure washer that you can purchase is around 4000 PSI and 4 GPM, compared to upwards of 7000 or 8000 psi and 4 to 8 GPM options that are available for Gas pressure washers.  The lower PSI and GPM of electric washers results in a generally lower cleaning ability relative to a comparable gas pressure washer. 

The other limitation to an electric pressure washer is that you will generally have to pay more to get a contractor quality washer, while in the home owner segment an electric washer will often be a bit less expensive, it will not deliver nearly the performance or have the build quality of a similar gas pressure washer.


Gas Pressure Washers Pros and Cons

Gas pressure washers provide a greater potential range of PSI and GPM output.  However they do require routine maintenance like oil and spark plug changes.  They also are ideal for portability.  Contractor built gas power washers tend to offer more performance at a lower price compared to an electric equivalent washer.  In the home owner market, a Gas washer may cost a bit more but will usually have a longer lasting pump compared to a similar PSI and GPM electric washer.


For more info on choosing the ideal pressure washer check out this complete guide here

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