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Fuji Mini-Mite 5 Platinum HVLP Turbine Outfit Review & Overview (Includes Video)

In this article will cover the Fuji Mini-Mite 5 Platinum™ including what the Fuji Mini-Mite 5 Platinum™ HVLP turbine comes with, the performance it can provide, and when it can be a good match for your finishing needs.


Fuji Mini Mite 5 overview

The Fuji Mini-Mite 5 Platinum™ is a 5 stage HVLP turbine that provides full 5 stage performance at a lower cost then most units on the market.  It doesn’t come with quite the same amount of features and options as the Fuji Q 5 Platinum or other brands out there but delivers the ability to atomize up to a latex style paint for a few hundred dollars less than most 5 stage HVLP turbines.  

What is included with the unit

There are a few different versions to the Mini-Mite Q 5, the main difference is in which gun you get in the package with the unit. 

The three different gun options that are offered pre-packaged with the Mini Mite Q5 include the T75 G gravity feed spray gun which is a 600cc gravity feed spray gun.  The GXPC is also a gravity feed spray gun but holds only 400 CC of material, making it a smaller gun but ideal for touch up or smaller project work.  The final gun option is a T70 gun from Fuji, this gun is a siphon style (where the cup sits underneath the gun) and holds 1 quart of material.  The advantage to a cup under the gun is it doesn’t require you to consider how to support the gun when not spraying and can be easier to hold for long periods.  Siphon feed however will give you a bit less control of spraying compared to gravity.

Other items included

You get a spray gun cleaning kit with brushes, a few tools including a spray gun pick to remove gun blockages and similar needs.

The turbine unit itself is a full 5 stage unit which works well for water based or solvent based materials up to about the thickness of latex.  It doesn’t offer a Turbine power adjustment on the unit.

Overall thoughts

The Mini-Mite 5 offers 5 stage performance at a great price.  However it lacks a heat dissipation design (the Platinum Q5 from Fuji offers heat dissipation, noise reduction, and turbine power adjustment).  It provides excellent atomization but you only get one nozzle/ needle set with the gun, to get additional sets they are purchased separately for about $60 each (which still makes this a budget friendly option for 5 stage performance even with 2 or 3 tip sets purchased).

If your looking for 5 stage power at a great price the Fuji Mini Mite 5 Platinum™  will be a great option, for high volume use you may want to consider a Q5 platinum given the heat dissipation and quieter design that the Mini-Mite offers.  Overall the  outfit provides performance at a great price in the 5 stage HVLP turbine market.



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