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Graco Ultra & Ultramax Handheld Airless Sprayers Review and Overview (with video)

Many times when painting you may find a need to do smaller work that would be best if sprayed but you may not have an air compressor for an air spray gun, or you have an airless sprayer and do not want to have to deal with cleaning the long line, or you need a paint sprayer and do not have electric. No matter what the reason you may be considering a Graco Ultra or Ultramax handheld airless sprayer, it is important to know if a Graco handheld airless will be sufficient for your project and perform well enough for your work. This review will help you decide on whether a handheld airless sprayer will work for your project, and which model of the Graco Ultra handheld airless sprayers may be best for you.

Graco Ultra and Ultramax Hand Held Airless Sprayers Overview

The Ultra and Ultramax handheld airless sprayers provide up to 2000 psi. They can be used with a tip of up to 16 thousands in size. Battery operated models have a Dewalt battery that can last for spraying up to 1 gallon. With the tip size being limited to a 16 thousandths and the pressure that is delivered being a maximum of 2000 psi, the Graco Ultra and Ultramax handheld airless sprayers are best suited for light to medium viscosity coatings, the maximum thickness material you would want to consider spraying is about the consistency of latex which may require watering down. The units come with fine finish airless tips which help atomize materials to a greater extent than standard airless tips alone do making either a great choice for projects like spraying doors or a few cabinet faces. Fine finish tips can be a bit more prone to plugging with thicker material but the tips are reversible on the unit making it relatively easy to clean out any clog that may happen. The Graco Ultra and Ultramax handheld airless both have a disposable cup system that enables you to spray with the gun upside down or in any direction. One downside is that the cup doesn’t hold much paint so you will have to refill the unit relatively regularly if you are doing a fair amount of painting, but the disposable liners the units use makes clean up fast and easy.

Graco Ultra and Ultramax Hand Held Airless Sprayers – Differences in Units

There are three model types to choose from in the Graco Ultra hand held airless sprayer series. First is the Ultra corded model, second is the Ultra Cordless Model, and third is the Ultramax Handheld Airless Sprayer model. Here are the differences between the units.

Graco Ultra Corded and Cordless handheld Airless Units

The Graco Ultra corded and cordless units are both limited to spraying only materials that are water or mineral spirit based. This can cost $400-$700, if you want cash to purchase this equipment for your home repair you can check this they provide affordable rates. Most solvent based coatings are not mineral spirit based so for the most part the units will be limited to spraying primarily water based coatings.  This is the biggest difference between the Ultra and Ultramax units, the ability to spray solvent based coatings. The Ultra corded handheld airless goes for $399. The Ultra cordless handheld airless goes $499.00

Graco Ultramax Cordless handheld Airless Unit

The Ultramax has a non sparking motor design making it safe for all water and solvent based paints, assuming the material is thin enough to spray at the low pressure and smaller tip sizes the unit works with.  It costs $699.

Final thoughts on when to choose a handheld airless and which to consider

If the Ultramax is not cost prohibitive it is the most versatile of the 3 handheld airless sprayers. All of the units will perform and have some limitations on how thick of material you can spray, but will deliver fine finish results with thin to medium viscosity materials. For small wood working projects, touch up work, and other small painting projects the Graco handheld airless sprayers are a great option.

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