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Gravity feed Spray Gun Problems and Their Solutions

Gravity feed spray guns have a variety of benefits compared to pressure feed and siphon feed spray guns but you can learn more about here. In this article we will cover common problems that occur with gravity feed spray guns and how to fix them.

Problem 1 – I get dry spray or Material that will not flow out of my Gravity feed spray gun Cup

Paint is delivered by the pull of gravity on the paint in your gravity feed spray gun cup. If you are not getting any paint to the tip of your spray gun you should see if the center hole in the lid of your gravity feed spray gun cup is closed. If that small opening in the middle is closed, you should open it because this will allow material to be drawn to the fluid tip.

If you still have issues getting to your spray gun fluid tip you may want to consider a larger fluid nozzle. The larger the fluid nozzle on a gravity feed spray gun the better it will be able to deliver thicker paint and it will also deliver more paint which can reduce dry spray issues with your gravity feed spray gun.  The other cause of dry spray issues if your using a gravity feed spray gun is having the break up air turned up to high.

If you have a large fluid nozzle like above a 1.8 you and still cannot get material to flow you can also consider adding thinner to your paint. Thinner will help paint flow easier and will help eliminate issues with dry spray if they are occurring.

Problem 2 – Air is Bubbling in my Gravity cup or my Gravity cup is Pressurizing

If air is bubbling in your gravity cup when your spraying then air is escaping around the fluid head of your spray gun and entering into the gravity cup. To solve this issue check and see if the fluid nozzle and or the fluid head that the fluid nozzle seats in is properly secure. To properly tighten the fluid nozzle you’ll typically want to use a vice as the nozzle has to be tighter than you may expect.

If the fluid nozzle and head are properly tightened and you’re still getting air in your gravity feed spray gun cup then check that a seal that is usually placed behind the fluid nozzle or spray gun head is in place and in good condition.  If it looks worn or is missing this will cause the air to leak back into the gravity feed cup while spraying and you will need to replace the seal.

Problem 3 – Air is Leaking Out of the Handle my Gravity Feed Spray Gun or Fluid is Leaking in Front of my Handle

Air and fluid are separate until they meet at the tip of your gravity feed spray gun. There are seals that isolate the air and fluid in the spray gun.  If Fluid or air s leaking from your spray gun you want check the soft seals in your gravity feed spray gun. The soft seals are usually sold in a kit called a repair kit and will give you the parts to replace all the soft seals to eliminate issues with fluid or air leaking from around the handle.

Problem 4 – Fluid is Leaking out of the Tip on my Gravity Feed Spray Gun

If fluid is leaking from the tip of your gravity feed spray gun first consider replacing your fluid needle you may also have to replace your fluid nozzle to be sure the problem will go away but you can start with the needle and if needed then replace the fluid nozzle.

Problem 5 – My Spray Pattern is Not Even

If your gravity feed spray gun spray pattern is not even this is usually due to an air cap that is worn. You can check if this is the problem by spraying with the air cap in a direction and then flipping the cap 180 degrees to see if the issue in the pattern switches to the other side. If the irregular pattern flips then you will need to replace your spray gun air cap. Prior to replacing the air cap you can try cleaning it to see if paint has blocked the air holes on the cap.

Ultimately gravity feed spray guns are a great tool but when they have issues can be a headache. If you prefer not to deal with your spray gun we offer spray gun repair services. If you have questions on how to get your gravity spray gun working you can contact us.

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