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How to Fix Paint that runs and Then is Heavy in the Same Batch

Have you ever had the issue where you are spraying and everything is nice and even in quality and consistency only to see suddenly the paint change, the paint all of a sudden changes from a healthy mix of solids and liquids to mostly liquid. If the temperature of the material has not changed the next most common issues is called settling out. It is a frequent issue with heavy body materials that are common place in industrial painting. Some of the common culprits include Zinc and other metallic body coatings. The issues is when this happens the coating often loses a lot of its beneficial properties and the coating no longer applies smoothly resulting in a varied finish with some areas being runny and others being thick. When this issue arises it is critical to add agitation to your spray outfit to ensure the coating remains in suspension. The type of agitation will vary based on the coating type and required degree of agitation. To best determine the right fit pertinent information to provide will be the coating in suspension, how much is in suspension, how big of a container is the material in, and how long of a pot life does the material have. With these factors a paint equipment company will be able to help you in choosing the correct agitation for your application.

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