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How to Reduce Your Sandblast Media Costs

Sandblasting requires a lot of air which is, equipment, and media. Of the three variables you can control media and air use. These two factors vary based on the nozzle of your blast hose, pressure of blasting, and maintaining your equipment.  However since the hose size is most often dictated by your production needs and pattern needs will focus primarily on media.

Media costs are comprised of three factors. One, the type of media you use. Two how many times you can use the media before it goes bad. Three the cost of disposing the media.  Four the time it takes to clean the blast media and refill your blast pot. The main option in media is recyclable vs throw away. Will look at why recyclable media saves money over the long term. First, the media allows for multiple uses before being discarded. This reduces the cost of media itself and increases productivity of your workers. The workers spend less time having to clean an area of blast media because with a recyclable system they can return media to the hopper or belt and prepare to continue blasting.  If you don’t recycle media you end up spending significant time using a front loader to clean the floor. Second, by using the media multiple times you will reduce your environmental impact and disposal costs. Media disposal, purchasing, and reloading all add up to significant price over time. While a bag of black beauty blast material may seem cheap at the start numbers look far less advantageous over time. For an idea of how much the media will cost you can use this drive spreadsheet.

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