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How to Setup A Paint Pressure Pot (Video Included)

How to Use A Paint Pressure Pot Outfit Video Tutorial

Pressure Fed Spray Guns have a lot of benefits compared to Gravity Fed and Suction Fed Spray Guns. They are able to provide higher production and spray heavier coatings. For a better idea of the differences between gravity fed, suction fed, and pressure fed spray guns check out this overview. If you have decided on a pressure fed spray gun with a pressure pot, will cover how to use a pressure pot and spray gun both in video and writing.

Overview of How to Use A Paint Pressure Pot Spray Gun

  1. Before connecting Air to the Pressure Pot make sure all regulators are not turned in at all
  2. Connect air to the pressure pot inlet
  3. Adjust your Fluid Pressure so that you achieve a light stream flowing from your spray gun (do not apply any atomization air yet) the stream should be about a 2-3 foot light arcing stream. If the pressure on the fluid is more than 20 PSI consider a larger fluid nozzle as excess pressure to the spray gun components will cause premature wear of your parts.
  4. After adjusting the fluid pressure you can adjust atomization air. This is done using a scrap piece of your intended product surface.  You want to gradually increase the atomization air and perform test passes with the spray gun until a desired level of atomization is achieved.  For an idea of different atomization degrees see the photo.

How to use a pressure pot spray gun

5. Record the Air and Fluid Pressure Values for the coating for future use.

6. Fine Tune at the Spray Gun. You Should only make final adjustments to the fan pattern and fluid needle at the spray gun, the less adjusting you do at the spray gun the longer the gun will last.

7. Paint away!

8.  When finished you should flush the fluid line out and clean the air cap for the spray gun in solvent. You can leave the system with fluid in the line and even Paint in the line if it does not have a pot life.

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