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HVLP Turbine Sprayer Stages – How to Choose (Video Included)

If your considering an HVLP Turbine Paint Sprayer you may keep seeing references to 3 stage or 4 stage models and notice a price difference between a 3 stage and 4 or 5 stage units and wonder what the HVLP turbine sprayer stages mean. This guide will explain what HVLP Turbine Stages are, what they do, and how to decide how many hvlp turbine sprayer stages will be right for you. If your looking for information on HVLP turbine sprayers vs compressor hvlp spray guns you can refer to this guide here.

What HVLP Turbine Sprayer Stages Are and What they Do

HVLP Turbine Paint Sprayer Stages are the number of fans the HVLP turbine unit has. The fans serve to increase the air volume and pressure supplied to the HVLP turbine paint sprayer. Fan stages can range from single or two stages up to 6 stages or more. The increased stages create increased volume and pressure which helps atomize thicker paints more effectively and enables longer use of a hvlp turbine without overheating.

Selecting a number of HVLP Turbine Stages for an HVLP Turbine Sprayer

As a general rule it is best to consider buying as many stages for an HVLP turbine as you can afford. The more stages will enable you to spray thicker coatings like latex without having to thin material excessively. Additionally, with longer spray times fewer stages can result in the hvlp turbine sprayer running into performance issues or overheating. So by selecting a hvlp turbine sprayer with as many stages as you can afford, you will be able to have a unit that will perform and last.

General Recommendations

In general, if you plan on using your hvlp turbine sprayer regularly you should consider at least a 3 or 4 stage unit. If you want to spray latex with your hvlp turbine sprayer a 4 stage would be the smallest number of turbines recommended.


Check out this video to see a 3,4 , and 6 stage turbine in action.


Ultimately an HVLP turbine sprayer can be an expensive investment. To ensure you choose a unit that will perform well and last it is critical to decide on how many stages you should have for your hvlp turbine sprayer. By understanding what hvlp turbine sprayer stages due and evaluating what as well as how long you will use your hvlp turbine sprayer you can best decide on the right hvlp turbine sprayer and the right number of hvlp turbine sprayer stages for your needs.

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