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How Much Blast Rooms and Blast Booths Cost – A Guide

If you frequently sandblast you may be considering a blast room to be able to recover sandblast media.  Recovering sandblast media can be one of the greatest ways to help reduce your sandblast media costshowever you will also want to be able to properly consider the cost of the sandblast room and sandblast media recovery equipment to ensure that the investment will be beneficial to your company. This article will cover typical costs and prices associated with blast rooms and blast booths.

Factor 1 – The Blast Media Recovery Equipment & Blast Equipment Pricing

The first investment you will have to make is the sandblast media recovery equipment. This can range significantly primarily based on the complexity of blast media recovery you are considering. The most basic blast media recovery system is a hopper recovery system. These systems are either sunk into the concrete floor of a blast room or are elevated above the floor.  Keeping the system sunk into the floor allows for easier shoveling of blast media but does require cutting a slot in the concrete floor. Typically a hopper recovery system for a blast room or blast booth will cost around $9000 dollars for the hopper. In addition to the hopper you will have a blast media cleaner, and a dust collector for the blast media cleaner unless your blast room dust collector is sufficiently large enough this additional equipment is about $11,000 dollars. Finally, you may need a blast pot and the required safety equipment you may also need a blast media hopper this equipment can run from $7000 or higher depending on the hopper that may make sense. So for a basic blast media recovery system and the blast equipment, you can expect pricing to around $26,000 – $50,000 depending on factors mentioned.

If you are considering additional blast media recovery options like a screw conveyor or a belt conveyor costs increase quickly but your time to recover sandblast media falls rapidly as well. Screw conveyors wear faster but are often more cost effective especially in smaller length blast rooms. Pricing for conveyors can range from $60,000 and up depending on the number of conveyors that you plan to install with each 10 – 20 foot section being about $60,000. These numbers can vary and pricing can get significantly more expensive if you are considering options like a whole floor blast media recovery system which can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the situation.

Factor 2 – Dust Collector Pricing

The dust collector for your blast room will be designed to move the appropriate amount of air across the blast room which will depend on the direct you pull air in the blast room. The amount of air you will pull will be measured based on the height and width of the face area you pull across.  Keeping this face area as small as possible will help you keep the dust collector costs down.  Dust collection will be rated in CFM and the larger the CFM the dust collector is the higher the cost.  Dust collection for a blast room can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $150,000 or more depending on the size of the blast room that you will want to have. A quick tip to reduce the cost of the blast recovery equipment you can consider integrating the CFM needed for blast media recovery equipment into the blast room dust collector this will also reduce the foot print of your blast room equipment. 

Factor 3 – The Blast Room

A final area of expense for a blast room is the cost of the actual blast room.  While you can always build your own sandblast room or sandblast booth a predesigned blast room can offer a variety of benefits. In particular, a pre built blast room will be designed to optimize air flow. Additionally the blast walls will be made of heavy gauge steel, often 10 gauge steel. The walls of the blast room will also be lined with rubber in order to prevent the walls from being prematurely destroyed by blast media. A pre designed blast room can also incorporate baffles to help reduce blast media contacting your dust collector or similar issues that can reduce the length of the equipment in your blast room. Costs for a blast room will typically increase as you the sandblast room or booth gets larger. Additionally, costs can increase if you decide to consider options like drive through doors or slots for cranes. The blast room enclosure can often cost anywhere from $25,000 to hundreds of thousands for a large blast room. You can construct your own blast room and be able to keep costs in this area down but you will want to consider that you will want to find a way to protect the walls from being damaged from blast media and without a pre engineered design air flow may not be as effective.

Common Blast Room Prices

In general common blast room prices with all the necessary equipment will often be anywhere between $45,000 – $250,000 but depending on your project can be significantly higher. This guide has given you budgetary ideas of what different aspects of blast rooms and blast booths cost.  If you need further help pricing your blast room project you can contact us for further pricing and consultation.

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