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Paint Booth Fire Suppression Requirements – A Complete Guide

Buying a Paint Booth can seem like there are a lot of requirements that you need to meet from NPFA 33, to OSHA, and then you have permitting required by organizations like the EPA. One common area that there are often questions is what about fire suppression and paint booths, this article will cover the pertinent things you need to know about fire suppression and paint booths.

National Codes Regulating Paint Booth Fire Suppression

OSHA has a variety of subsections that pertain to fire suppression and paint booths. Pertinent fire safety regulations related to paint booths include OSHA 1910.107(b)(5)(iv). Additionally OSHA 1910.107(f)(1) is an important standard that applies to paint booth fire suppression requirements. NFPA 33 9.1.1 also addresses fire suppression systems and suggests standards that different classes of fire suppression systems have to meet to be satisfactory for paint booths. The key take away from these articles is that fire suppression is required for a paint booth by OSHA. Typically your local fire marshal is the person who will oversee fire regulations in your local area. Which is why it can often be a good idea to work with a fire suppression company that knows your local area well as they will often be aware of any special requirements. Additionally, you will want to ensure your fire suppression system for your paint booth meets all pertinent safety standards which is why working with a company focused on fire suppression can be a good idea.

Fire suppression can also have specific requirements depending on the type of spray system your installing. For example NFPA 33 9.7.1 addresses specific requirements for automated powder coating lines that require unique considerations. NFPA 33 9.8.2 addresses requirements that are pertinent to automatic electrostatic spray lines.That is why it is usually a good idea to partner with a fire suppression company who will know the pertinent requirements for spray booths and spray lines.

Additional Fire Suppression Considerations

These regulations for fire suppression are applicable if you have a paint booth. Other solutions like an exhaust chamber will place your painting in a spray area. Spray areas have unique requirements above those for a paint booth when it comes to electrical safety, fire suppression, and room design. Many of these requirements are addressed in NFPA 33 Chapter 4 you can also learn more about rooms as paint booths in this article .


Ultimately fire suppression is critical in a paint booth because if a fire ever occurs you will be more likely to extinguish the fire prior to any negative issues occurring to your building.  The exact fire suppression system will depend on the type of spray application you are doing and you will typically need a fire suppression company to install the sprinkler to ensure it is done properly. Common options for paint booth fire suppression include dry chemical fire extinguisher but you want to verify special requirements with a company that specializes in sprinkler systems for paint booths.

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