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Paint Booth Floor Covering Requirements

You may be considering paint booth floor covering as paint booth floor covering can help with keeping floors clean and improve the overall visibility of your paint booth. You can learn more about different types of paint booth floor covering here. One important question you may be asking is what are the pertinent requirements that paint booth floor covering has to meet.  This article will cover the safety considerations for paint booth floor coverings.

Safety Consideration 1 for Paint Booth Floor Coverings – They help keep Your Paint Booth Floor Free from Overspray

OSHA 1926.66(g)(4)(i) requires that paint booth floors are kept free from excessive overspray build up. Additionally NFPA 33 8.2 states spray areas must be kept free of accumulation of combustible residues. Proper Paint Booth Floor Coverings will help ensure you meet this standard by keeping overspray from building on the booth floor. Without paint booth floor covering you have to ensure you do not have excessive paint build up on your floors.

Safety Consideration 2 for Paint Booth Floor Coverings – Must be Non Combustible Material

Often times a customer may be trying to use a standard paper or wax paper as the floor covering for their paint booth. OSHA 1926.66(b)(3) requires that the floor of a paint booth have non combustible material and using material like paper that is not flame retardant can create safety concerns and be considered a safety violation. When selecting a paint booth floor covering you will want to verify that it meets requirements as flame retardant, this will ensure you do not encounter safety regulations requirements related to your paint booth floor covering choice.

Safety Consideration 3 – You Regularly change out your paint booth floor covering

Per OSHA 1926.66(g)(4)(i) the floors of your paint booth have to have minimum overspray collection on them. Practically speaking this means you should be routinely changing your paint booth floor covering or review the covering regularly to see if excessive overspray has built up.

Ultimately floor coverings for paint booths are primarily required to not have excessive overspray build up on them and to be noncombustible.  We offer a variety of paint booth floor coverings to meet your project needs.

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