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Paint Booth Floor Coverings – A Complete Guide

As a manufacturer, auto body shop, or wood worker the state of your paint booth can often be critical. Keeping a paint booth clean is often critical to ensuring your finish of your painted product is kept as clean as possible. One critical part of keeping a paint booth clean can be keeping the paint booth floors clean. While this article will cover keeping paint booth floors clean you can learn more about keeping all aspects of your paint booth clean here.

 Paint Booth Floor Covering Option 1 – Flame Retardant Paint Booth Paper

Paint booth paper comes in a variety of weights. Heavier weight paint booth paper is designed for heavier traffic and heavier objects running over your paint booth paper. Paint booth paper is flame retardant and provides additional brightness to your paint booths interior making it ideal to help improve visibility in your paint booth.  

Common paint booth paper weights include the following.

100 LB Paint Booth Floor Paper – 100 LB paint booth floor paper is the heaviest common weight paper and is used for forklift traffic over your paint booth floor. This style paint booth paper is also good if you have paint booth paper in place that is lighter weight on your paint booth floor and as a result, are having issues with the paper tearing due to product movement or similar challenges.

80 LB Paint Booth Floor Paper – 80 LB Paint Booth Paper is good for medium duty.  If you have somewhat heavier products that you bring in to your paint booth or heavy volume of use this can be a great option. You can also consider this as a starting choice and if it wears move to 100 LB paper or go to a lighter weight paper if it has no issues and you want to reduce paint booth floor covering cost.

70 LB Paint Booth Floor Paper – This paper is designed to handle primarily light foot traffic only

Paint Booth Floor Coverings Option 2 – Blue Diamond Paint Booth Floor Covering

This solution is heavier duty than paper and can be reused multiple times before needing to be thrown away. You can break off paint that becomes stuck to it.  Additionally, it is designed to handle very heavy traffic in and out of your paint booth.  The only downside is that it is a bit more expensive than paint booth paper floor coverings.

Paint Booth Floor Covering Option 3 – Dirt Trap Clear Film

In general, the clear film floor coverings are primarily designed to keep dust down in your paint booth. While they can also help keep overspray off of your paint booth floor they typically are not as durable when it comes to foot traffic and similar issues.

Paint Booth Floor Covering 4 – Dirt Control Floor Coating

Paint Booth Dirt Control Floor Coating is sprayed on the floor of your paint booth and helps entrap dust molecules. This option does provide reduction of dust kicking up in your spray booth but is not very effective at keeping overspray off your paint booth floors.

Ultimately if you need durability the common options that are used are heavier weight papers or the blue diamond covering if you are willing to invest a bit more. If you just need dirt control from your paint booth floor covering you can consider using a solution like the clear film or the dirt control floor coating. If you need any of these solutions or further advice contact us.

Photo By U.S. Navy photo by Gary Nichols. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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