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Paint Booth Installation Guidelines for Ohio

Paint booths are often a very important upgrade for many businesses. Whenever you are considering installing a paint booth there are a lot of regulations that should be addressed so that you meet the requirements of all the important governing agencies related to paint booth installation. It is also important to consider choices about the paint booth itself including whether it is the right size, whether you need an air make up unit, and whether heat will be helpful for your painting process.

Important agencies that should be contacted when Installing a Paint Booth in Ohio

  • Ohio Department of Environmental Protection – The Ohio EPA may require an emissions permit depending on the volume of Hazardous Air Pollutants you produce. For Ohio’s EPA guide to needing a permit you can view this resource. Or you can also contact your local Ohio EPA office by looking them up here.
  • Local Fire Marshal – Paint Booths made by reputable manufacturers like Global Finishing Solutions are designed to meet pertinent national codes like NFPA 33 . While a paint booth from a reputable manufacturer will meet national code, your local authority having jurisdiction will typically have the final say on your paint booth as far as implementation of codes and any specific local requirements. You can visit the State Fire Marshal for Ohio and they can help with connecting to your local fire inspection resource.
  • Insurance Provider – Notifying your insurance provider is also a good idea. Depending on the nature of your painting and the process you implement the insurance provider may have recommendations of additional protection to ensure safety for your company. In addition, if you improved the safety of how you paint in your facility they may help with your rates.


By coordinating with all the proper local members involved with a spray booth installation in Ohio you can ensure you have properly followed the guidelines for permitting and safety. By working with a company with strong support you can also ensure that you choose a paint booth that will be appropriate for your production needs and budget. If you have questions about a paint booth project in Ohio we offer free site visits to better determine what solution might be right for you and answer any questions you may have about regulations pertaining to paint booths.

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